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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Skeleton Key website. You can read the original "About" story below, but things have changed since then.

Skeleton Key is now vastly improved, thanks to a lot of input from many people and a lot of work by me. It has more features and more options, making it even more powerful, versatile and customizable.

A few months ago, I stopped using a mouse and began to use Skeleton Key's scanning control method. I have a switch taped to my left big toe that activates a mouse left-click. By slightly bending my toe I operate Skeleton Key, and with Skeleton Key I (and you too!) can do virtually anything. Download and try it free!

Dov Wisebrod
June 2004

Hi. Thanks for visiting. I'm the guy who created all of this. Skeleton Key was originally developed by me, for me.

I have ALS, a disease that affects motor neurons and causes progressive muscle weakness and eventual paralysis. While I've always been an avid computer user, ALS has made me increasingly reliant on a computer. Ironically, the more I need it, the less able I am to use it. I am unable to use a keyboard, and I have only limited control of a mouse.

Several on-screen keyboard programs are available for people in my position. I tried them and wasn't very excited. I would be forced to use my computer only in the way supported by a program's features, but no one program had all the features I wanted. I was reluctant to compromise my computer use because of the compromises made by some software developers. But I had to, so I did. I picked one, paid an outrageous price, and made do.

Some time later, I was becoming restless. For me, one of the more intolerable consequences of ALS is boredom. I need to engage in some sort of actively and intensely creative activity or I'll go nuts. I had been developing a few large websites and writing prolifically, but that just wasn't cutting it anymore. I needed a challenge.

Programming? It was daunting, but I had already enjoyed writing a small Internet program to help maintain my primary website. I had zero programming experience when I started, and I taught myself what I needed from online sources. It was a simple program, but it could do in four seconds what took me four hours to do manually. I thought if I could do that from scratch, why not try programming in Windows?

The choice of project was obvious. After learning and working for about seven months, I began using Skeleton Key full-time. It was far from finished, but for my purposes it was already better than the expensive program I bought. I conceived, designed and programmed Skeleton Key myself, and I included every feature I wanted. This time, there would be no compromise.

Many ups and downs later, Skeleton Key became what it is today: the most powerful and versatile software of its kind. But why believe me? Download and try it for free. Write me a note and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you.

Dov Wisebrod
October 2001

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